September 22nd, 2018

22 September

Well it rained for a little while, but not heavy. Last time we FaceTimed Jamie and Bel, they were watching the pilot of Jack Ryan, based on Tom Clancey’s book, so Tintin downloaded the whole series, which we’ve been watching. Quite addictive, and we want to watch more...

Again, last night we were looking for a flattish place to park, however as night fell - realized it was right under street lighting. This is ok for Tintin - Captain Martini, any time, any place, any where - he can sleep - however, I can’t!

Andy and Maggie had said they were going to the market in Nérac, so thought we would too. Sorry to both of you, snook a photo, as you didn’t want one taken yesterday... Was a really large market. We must be heathens, and struggle to understand why they are so popular, although we understand for locals it’s a great atmosphere and meeting point. It must just be to do with tradition/way of life... some of the fruit and vegetables looks wonderful, some of it a bit suspect, but generally all far more expensive than in supermarkets. We did buy some strawberries though, as they smelt as they should! Another thing that puts me off is all the flies over all the food - yuk!

Had to laugh, no way could we get to the moho service point. Parking was obviously at a premium, so tough luck us!

Don’t think we can squeeze in.
Don’t think we can squeeze in.

Tintin drove for about an hour to:

Labastide-d’Armagnac - N43°58.321’ W000°11.159’ - free

Described as popular, pleasant, large, open grass/sand parking. Village centre 250m, and the cycle route goes through the village.

Quite a few mohos here, but all spaced out. Quite bizarre really that we’re all happy to park up in a field with strangers - and enjoy! Still amazed at the number of dogs who travel - not just small either, and often two big dogs. There is a Netherlands pop-up smallish van arrived, and out jumped a large lovely looking greyhound sized dog. Just where do they put him?!

Better than a car park
Better than a car park

Spoke to an English couple who say we really have to see Biarritz and the north of Spain 🇪🇸 - they’ve come from there and are making their way back to Calais.

Not much to say as we’ve just sat outside in the shade because it’s hot again, and read our books - tough life!

I have to say, it does feel quite a hedonistic way of living - just doing what we want, when we want. However, we both got a bit fed up with people telling us we were lucky to be retiring early. In reality, we’ve both worked all our lives, and have been fairly careful with our money - and never really extravagant. Sometimes you just have to take a risk and go for it. I don’t think anyone on their death bed would say they wished they’d worked more!

Anyway, chilli con carne for tea, but not yet - Dave is still too hot!

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