September 5th, 2018

5 September

Still at Josselin...

Last night , simple avocado salad, then pasta in a Jamie Oliver sauce for tea followed by a film, 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner and Amber Heard - lots of killing, but ok.

Peaceful sleep considering the number of mohos here, well apart from the French people next to us who seemed to make more noise than was necessary!

Tintin suggested yoga on the grass before breakfast (!) We had a few strange stares, but felt good to stretch again. Started to drizzle, so time for breakfast!

Today we have ridden from Josselin to Malestroit and back - about 35 miles. Good job it was on the tow path, so mostly flat! The drizzle stopped almost straight away, but such a change in the weather. Leaves were blowing off the trees on the path, and it felt quite autumnal.

Tintin decided it would be a good idea to use his GoPro, but it’s fair to say he had a few difficulties with it listening to him when he asked it to turn on or off!

At one of the locks was a beautiful multi coloured cat. The lock keeper lady said she was only 18 months, but had already had two litters and had now had ‘the op’. Conversation was a mixture of bad French (obviously me not her!) and not much English! Tintin helped her with the gates when a boat came in.

At another lock we saw a Guernsey license plate, so of course stopped for a chat. They know Tintin’s brother, Peter. Their registration number is 7702, and said the 7 July 2002 was their first trip in their motorhome!

Back at 5pm ready for a cup of tea before a very nice drink of Dead Man’s Fingers (rum!) courtesy of Jamie and Bel all the way from Cornwall - thanks!  Will try to cook a proper meal tonight, even including protein and vegetables!

When we arrived back, another Guernsey van next to us! Turns out the couple knew Tintin’s parents, and Sue also worked for Rex at Mackays. Small world!

We stopped at Malestroit for a drink and a rest before our ride home. Not sure we’re used to this, and will probably know all about it tomorrow. 

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