September 5th, 2019

5 September 

Well, we’ve had a busy couple of months at home in beautiful, sunny Guernsey - and now off on our adventures again. 

During our time home we’ve looked after Sarah and Herc’s rabbits and Stevie dog, had Jamie, Bel and Jack to stay for a couple of weeks, caught up with friends and family, lots of sea swimming - and generally enjoyed summer!

It seems we’ve spent the last few days packing Dave, washing everything in sight, cleaning our home and trying to get organized for being away for a couple of months. Once again, Aimee and Tom will move in, primarily to give our cats the affection they feel entitled to receive! Thank you!

Condor Rapide was on time, calm sea crossing - which is just as well - as I heard the strong wind during the night which kept me awake! Think it’s the best way to travel when good weather - so easy and hassle free. We left St Malo about 5pm and only drove for 45 minutes until we arrived at a free parking place, near the 11 locks on the canal at Hédé - which will do nicely for the night. 

Random art and a random person!
Random art and a random person!
Some of the 11 locks
Some of the 11 locks

I guess it’s going to take a little while to get back into the swing of being in a relatively small space again! I also suppose we’d better have some rum, start as we mean to go on! We bought a new one, Sailor Jerry, from duty free to try - have to live up to our name!

Tomorrow we plan to drive until we get tired or fed up! We’re heading towards Oradour-sur-Glâne (a village destroyed in WW2, and maintained as a permanent memorial) and we’ll let you know more tomorrow...

Kay liked this painting on the side of a shed
Kay liked this painting on the side of a shed
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