October 16th, 2019

16 October

Caught up with watching Strictly last night - seems such a shame that Dev and Diane left - but all the dancers seemed to have a good week!

Quick blog, as we’re actually going out to eat this evening!

Another snag today - managed to blow a fuse. I was using my hairdryer, with the engine turned on as usual, but Tintin thinks maybe the bike batteries were still plugged in too, and the load was too much. Anyway, naturally Tintin problem sorted and put a spare 50amp fuse in - and we were good to go. 

Was about 12° in Dave this morning, so noticeably cooler - Tintin in his 9 tog duvet, plus blanket, me still in just my 4.5 tog duvet - and still too hot! The weather has been quite pleasant today and up to about 22°. 

Me driving today, about 2 hours in total, including stopping off for a quick shop. The Lidl we thought we were going to no longer existed, no parking available in the nearby Intermarché, so found an Aldi just off a roundabout. Bit rubbish! Definite lack of stuff on shelves - only one miserable check-out person with long queue - no wonder we don’t usually bother with Aldi!

I was a bit apprehensive driving through the suburbs and ring road around Toulouse (population 950,000 - so fairly large!). 

Hope Colin Co-Pilot knows where we’re going
Hope Colin Co-Pilot knows where we’re going

Through the suburbs there was so much building going on, and lots of road works - seems like the city is sprawling outwards!

Anyway, we’re now parked up at an Aire in Grisolles in order to meet up with Andy and Maggie on their canal boat. 

Walked along the tow path for a while until our friends arrived, then went on board their canal boat and spent a good afternoon nattering away - yay - in English!

We’re off for a pizza tonight - will be our first time eating out in 6 weeks!

Not much to say today, and very few photos. J - saw the sonic graffiti and thought of you! 

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