October 7th, 2019

7 October 

Peanuts with rum and coke last night! We chatted with Brian and Karen for a while, by which time couldn’t be bothered to cook...

Watched Strictly from Saturday night, poor Dev - blue genie make-up🧞‍♂️was coming off fast! Wonder if Craig really thought Anton had false teeth!

Was surprisingly quiet in the fairly large carpark with a few mohos last night. 

We were up and moving early for us - by 9 ish - wanted to drain the grey water. Decided we would use the manky looking tap which said the water wasn’t for drinking - as it would mean we would be set for another three days again without the need for services. After all, it’s the same water supply! It was a slow process, a push tap we kept pushing in order to fill our 15 litre container, and then had to use a hose and funnel - were pleased when we were up to 100 litres!

Tintin thought maybe he could help Brian, who has been having issues with his batteries not charging. So we pulled alongside, put the kettle on, whilst the males got their tool sets and amp meters out and talked about white man’s magic! They have a lovely Burstner Ixeo 680 - and I think at the end of our discussions, Tintin was feeling a bit out of love with Dave. They don’t have squeaks, creaks and groans when driving over bumpy roads, they don’t even seem to have to take precautions by putting everything in ‘condoms’ - the plastic netting that comes with booze bottles - we bought 100 and cover everything, right down to spice bottles...

After Brian having been on the roof, the conclusion was that maybe his solar panel had never worked! They were off to a campsite to plug in for a few days which will help charge the batteries. 

Did a quick shop at Lidl, then Tintin drove to Frontignan beach. At first we thought co-pilot had lost the plot again - and drove past the parking space. But no, on closer inspection, it was right. In reality, it’s just a few spaces on the edge of the road - but all other parking seems to have explicit signs banning motorhomes!

Dave’s place for the night, bit strange but it will do.
Dave’s place for the night, bit strange but it will do.

Went out walking along the beach. There are 7km of sandy and pebbly beaches either side of the marina. 

It was really windy where we’re parked - looking out over a big lake, but surprisingly warm on the beach. Some people sunbathing or swimming - but it all has an autumnal feel today, with virtually everything closed down already. 

Hard work walking on sand! Went as far as the marina - so much bigger than I thought - and really well protected from the wind. 

Finally got around to reading our books with a cup of tea and a few biscuits!

As we haven’t had much in the way of vegetables, had roasted tray bake med veg, along with some tomato and basil basmati rice. Kay’s top tip - don’t bother roasting the garlic in its skin to mush into veg later - doesn’t taste very nice for some reason!

Still don’t have a definitive plan for where to go next - general direction of along the coast towards Spain. 

Not really feeling ‘it’ today, missing home - but I ought to be happy, as the weather here is a very pleasant 22° ish, whereas I know the weather at home is a bit miserable. Will feel better tomorrow!

Only a few more photos as we really have only pootled about today -

Lovely Straight French roads lined by trees
Lovely Straight French roads lined by trees
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