October 9th, 2018

9 October

Caught up with watching The Apprentice last night, Lord Sugar comes out with some great one liners! Peaceful, and a good night’s sleep 💤

When we were watering up this morning, found we didn’t have the correct adapter. Could be all of Portugal, or just Montalegre? Anyway, walked back into town to see the Chinese man in the store of everything we visited yesterday. Most garden adapters, but not what we needed. Not a problem, we can just use a Tintin custom made funnel with hose and either buckets or our 15 ltr water carrier. Bought four fresh rolls for less than €0.50!

After Co-Pilot had another hissy fit, I drove on the scenic route for nearly three hours to Esposende. Was going to stop for lunch, swap driving with Tintin, then didn’t see any suitable places to stop, by then was on the ring road around Braga, then on the toll roads!

The scenery in the earlier part of the journey was absolutely stunning. High up, but looking down at vast valleys and reservoirs. Roads that I certainly had to concentrate on, wider than yesterday I think, but very windy! Lots down to 30kph, instead of 120kph on motorways! Had to stop a few times - the catch on our big under sink cupboard (one of the rum stores!) broke and came flying open around a particularly tight corner. First time we thought it just wasn’t ‘caught’ properly, but second time realized it was broken. Tintin rolled up more bits of mat and wedged them underneath the bit that pulls out. What a rubbish catch - tiny bit of plastic for such a big, deep cupboard. Now we’re parked up, Tintin is currently trying to repair it, hacksaw out - using the expensive superglue we bought the other day - which seems quite suspect and old!

The Aire was ok, just a huge car park near a bus station, with quite a few other mohos. We can’t get the time right on Dave’s speedometer part, even with manuals out, something to ponder on another day! After lunch, bikes out and off we went (only about 9 miles today). Found the beach, mega surf rolling in. Rode along the cycle path, and board walks, venturing to look at the beaches every so often. Don’t think swimming would be possible - dangerous to get out past the crashing waves! We saw people hand picking carrots and various crops, what hot, dusty, hard work! We saw a few mohos parked at various beaches. When we popped into the tourist office, I asked about parking there, and she said it’s fine! Quick look around the up market shops, and back to Dave to move him closer to the sea.

We are now parked up, with rum and nibbles, listening and watching the waves crash around - and waiting for the sun to set. It was about 8° when we got up, during driving our gauge said it was up to 28°, but probably more like 24°, very pleasant - and the first time in a while that we’ve felt wind-burnt on our faces.

Hard at it writing today’s words of wisdom
Hard at it writing today’s words of wisdom

Well, the sun set just after 7pm. Very fitting that Tintin has a halo today!


Almost Godly, but a bit chilly
Almost Godly, but a bit chilly
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