May 8th, 2019

08.05.19 - You’ll be pleased to hear that after too many words yesterday, rain has stopped play, so not much to say!

Watched the final of Celebrity SAS last night - kind of quite nice to see people in the final four who maybe we thought wouldn’t make it...

Living the dream today, walked off to the laundromat with our two big bags of washing to do. They had 24 washing machines, and 15 tumble dryers. €3 per 6kg load to wash, and 0.50c for 8 minutes to dry. Fairly clean and ok place, seemed well used, with people having a chat whilst waiting. 

So that took up 2 hours of our day! Tintin used up the rest of bread so we could have toast for lunch, whilst I made the beds and put stuff away. Same dilemma, how clean it is, don’t know. There are times when I miss the convenience of home!

Managed to finish my book
Managed to finish my book

Yesterday I asked at the tourist office if she had any leaflets regarding parking and facilities for mohos along the Romantic Road. She gave me a booklet, which I nearly dumped - but at the back there are two pages for wohnmobilstellplätze - which is what we’re after! Found one near Wertheim, which is at Erwin Hymer World - so Tintin drove for about 40 minutes and here we are in the rain!

Windy day
Windy day

Spent the afternoon wandering around all the brand new Hymers, Dethleffs, Sunlights, Bürstners etc. We weren’t allowed in the very expensive Niesmann+Bischoffs!

Once again, Dave is safe! It’s not until you spend over £90,000+ that you can really see better quality in the finish. Weren’t liking the claustrophobic feel of a lot of them either - and none of them had a lovely big shower with a proper door like Dave!

1960’s Dethleffs caravan
1960’s Dethleffs caravan

Some of the Dethleffs seem really strange, you sleep above the driving seats, it all closes off so you can’t even see the seats, and when you open it up, it’s like climbing down into a cockpit to drive! That said, it makes it really spacious in the rest of it. However, we really like ‘A’ class design, huge big wrap around window for good visibility and lots of light! 

Probably a fairly good use of a wet day! Sadly, forecast for tomorrow is similar - so we’ll wait and see...

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