September 26th, 2018

26 September

Considering the crying baby and barking dogs, it did become quite quiet, bar a few mohos leaving and arriving.

Was going to walk back towards the beach this morning to buy a baguette, but a man called Jonathan came and chatted to us. He and his wife Janet are from Somerset, and had a Burstner Nexxo Sovereign, and was keen to share stories and more of we’ll show you ours, if you show us yours! Was glad that our ticket to open the barrier to leave worked, as they had tales of not being able to leave somewhere and having to call for help!

It’s just been my difficult day. Think Colin the Co-Pilot should be sacked! Never mind that the roads out of Anglet/Biarritz were narrow, he definitely had me going into a parking area with a no through road. I then had to reverse out onto a busy road, Tintin was out directing me, and I had a French man jabbering away through the driver’s window, but I couldn’t understand him. Had the Gallic shrug from him after a while!

Something we should have said from the start is that you can click on all the small photos to get the full picture. To return to the blog just go back on your browser.

When crossing over into Spain there was some form of alarm going off on the console, so was a non-event! Alarm resolved itself, don’t know what it was.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Colin took me up some really steep, narrow roads - of course, not the right way. Couldn’t get any further, and again had to turn around. The road, which seemed to be just house access was two way. Really not impressed. A whole new level of stress!

Help, where are you taking me?
Help, where are you taking me?

Anyway, we finally arrived here after about 2 hours:

Errenteria - N43°16.076’ W001°54.071’ - free in SPAIN!

Described as a beautiful, wooded picnic spot in isolated location.

No bread 🥖 for lunch, so cheese, biscuits, tomato, ham etc. Went off for a walk for about an hour. So many trees! There is so much debris, must have been really windy recently. Walked to the sign posted caves, but couldn’t really see much. Earlier when driving Dave’s sensor said it was 30° outside. Really strange, because in France this morning (!) it was about 14°! Anyway, under lots of trees, and with a warm breeze. My iPhone also threw a little fit and wouldn’t work and felt very hot. Had to turn it off for a while to cool down. Glad to say it’s ok again. That sort of day 😕

Have often thought I need a periscope when on Dave at night, all the blinds are shut, but if I hear something unusual, I want to see what it is, perhaps Mobilvetta could arrange?!

It was only a few days ago we met Tim and Jane who were building up courage to come to Spain, think I now understand why! We were a little like this before going to France, but at least we’d been before and could get by language wise, now even all the road signs seem very strange! The only really positive thing was we filled up with fuel at only €1.17 per litre instead of €1.45 in France. The station even had an attendant, speaking Basque, and not Spanish - oh it’s going to be difficult!

We’ve just moved Dave to a flatter area, and will stay here to lick our wounds until tomorrow! Definitely a rum, and chocolate night!

Our map of Spain and Portugal is not up to the job, it’s only half the scale of our French one, so will try to find a better one to tomorrow - where - don’t know yet!

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