June 4th, 2019

04.06.19 - Thought I’d start off by saying sorry for all the whinging! It has been brought to my attention that we appear to be cheapskates talking about the price of everything, and complaining about the weather! 

Firstly, the blog is mainly a record for us, but also a place to share some photos. People may think we’re lucky, having retired and traveling and doing what we want - but - we like to be cautious with our hard earnt pennies! It may well inspire people who think they can’t afford to retire early - to do so! Last month whilst away, including diesel, food and all expenses, we spent about £800 - which is less than we spend at home! (How?!)

Secondly, we British - we like to complain about the weather, too cold, too hot or indifferent!

So, back to the blog - watched Gentleman Jack last night again - um! Very peaceful night last night, could hear the canal water near the locks...

8am this morning was already 20°. Week 6, run 3 - done ✅. Was 25 minutes non-stop running. Glad it was flat! Lovely start, saw a couple of swans with six cygnets - then a hare (or very large Peter Rabbit!) helping himself to some kind of crop! Was hard going in the heat, but personally it’s more of a mind problem - asking myself why I put myself through it when I don’t have to. Tintin didn’t feel well at the end, and had an almost instantaneous headache when we finished - which lasted most of the day. 

I drove today, only about 30 minutes - through so many roundabouts!  Not sure of the significance of The Statue of Liberty at a roundabout near Colmar - but heyho! Now at Antoine Stoffel, who produce Alsace wines, and have space for four mohos, with services (more later!).

We got the bikes out, and rode into Eguisheim, bought a baguette and came back to Dave to make up lunch. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been in this pretty area before on a cycling holiday - so didn’t feel the need to take loads of photos. Rode for about 14 miles, through Eguisheim, Wettolsheim, Turckheim and into Ingersheim. There we managed to find a gap in the Japanese Knotweed and went down to the water and cooled off our feet, and other areas!  Saw some very different flying things, maybe butterflies or mayflies - but a beautiful petrol blue colour - only used my phone camera - so don’t really show up!

We’re in France!
We’re in France!
Automated binding on a tractor
Automated binding on a tractor

Back to Dave - nearly 40° inside according to our gadget box, and has been over 30° outside. We put our chairs outside Dave, in the shade. Tintin rested up after plink, plink fizz, lots of water with a cool flannel on his head and had a little  💤! 

We were sort of invited to taste some wine at 6pm. The lady spoke French and German, but not much English. Anyway, tried a couple of crémants, and a couple of Gewurztraminers (thinking of you Sarah and Herc!) Bought a Crémant d’Alsace Rosé for €8.50, and a Gewurztraminer Grand cru 2016 for €12.50. Strange isn’t it - in a supermarket, we wouldn’t have bothered, but you sort of feel obliged because we are staying at their property. Better to have something for your money rather than paying to sleep in a carpark! We’re trying to decide whether to fill up with water here, it says it’s not for drinking - it comes from a well that’s 55m deep. We do cook with the water, as well as shower etc. We only drink bottled water - but what about when we clean our teeth - such a dilemma! And yes, we feel guilty about the amount of plastic and kitchen roll we use when we’re away in Dave. Convenience!

Our spot for the night.
Our spot for the night.

Back to the weather! It’s showing 29mm of rain forecast tomorrow evening!

You’ll be pleased to know that Tintin recovered enough to try some wine, and now enjoying rum and coke. Too hot to think about eating!

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