April 29th, 2019

29.04.19 - Tintin’s birthday 🎂 

My now 64 year old husband wanted to start the day with a run. Week 2, run 1 - now running for 90 seconds, and recovery between ‘runs’ of 2 minutes. Our temperature gauge said it was only 4° outside - it was also foggy/misty. At least it was flat alongside the Moselle today. 

It was cold!
It was cold!

We did feel in fear of being moved on again, so after breakfast and a shower, I drove a few minutes further along the road to the Päiperleksgaart - butterfly garden centre. The 600m2 tropical garden is kept at a constant temperature of 27° Celsius and a humidity of 70%. Was €16 entrance fee for both of us. The reception lady was originally from the UK, so had a good chat about Luxembourg and Brexit! She also recommended visiting the castle at Vianden - so will probably go there tomorrow instead of Trier (Germany). 

I confess I bought myself some earrings in the shop after our visit (on Tintin’s birthday!) and I’d like to say thanks Mum - used my remaining birthday money!

In season the garden has about 500 specimens each day. About 20% are bred there, so some 200 butterfly pupae are delivered from Costa Rica and Asia each week. 

The garden also houses Chinese quails, chameleons, geckos, frogs, turtles, koi and bees and exotic plants. 

Had seen some reviews which said it was expensive for what it was. I thought it was a fair price, especially kept at that temperature - and I thoroughly enjoyed myself for Tintin’s birthday! 

It was feeding time for the Yemen chameleon - being fed live insects - bit gross really watching his tongue fly out and take the insect - then struggle to swallow because of the size. Nature!

Feeding time
Feeding time

Both of us were on a mission to photograph the beautiful Blue Morpho. Very hard, as soon as they land they close their wings and are brown. The one we did see was past it’s best. They only live for 2 - 3 weeks. 

Bit past his best
Bit past his best

Here’s a selection of photos. Just a reminder, you can click on any photo to enlarge and then just go back.

By the time we emerged, the sun had come out! Had lunch (thank goodness for cracker supplies!) and then I drove for about 40 minutes to Echternach. It’s really strange - lovely big proper spaces for mohos - but I have the feeling that the sign in German at the entrance says it’s not for overnight parking... 

Bikes out, off into the town - and bought some iced pain au chocolate - best I could find as a birthday cake replacement!

Only rode for about 11 miles today, alongside the river Sauer (Saar) and played with going into Germany a couple of times by crossing bridges!

We’re on the Camino walk even from here - a sign saying it’s 2,431 km to go!

Off out tonight, hopefully crossing the bridge into Germany - and going for a pizza!

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