November 1st, 2018

1 November

Finished watching the second series of Da Vinci’s Demons last night. Left hanging! - had to Goggle, there is a third series - will have to find it when we’re home!

Tintin thought we’d better turn off the water pump last night - saying something about if it gets below a certain level of coldness, it dumps all the water! Who knew we had to know about so much - good job my husband does!

Slept ok. Was only 4° outside this morning, and 10° inside, needed heating on!

We are extremely lucky that we managed to fill up with fuel and GPL. Even the little train needs GPL! Toured LeClercs, Lidl, Aldi etc - all closed - they take All Saints Day very seriously. From speaking with Adria yesterday, think a lot of places like them will now be shut until Monday!

I drove today - about 2 hours. Co-pilot took us through what seemed like an unnecessary amount of roads around Salamanca - luckily not much traffic. But oh, so many sets of traffic lights! On the motorway today, quiet - until near Valladolid - then busy. Arrived at:

Dueñas - free

The Aire is located in a gravel parking area. Has a train line and motorway one side, and an N road the other - should suit us fine!

After lunch went for a walk. Even for what seems a fairly small town, still has a huge church, large buildings and a nice old arch. Think it’s a bit mean that there are so many horse chestnut trees outside the church - people must get hit with conkers - so many of them. Where are the children to collect them? In my childhood it was a race to the known trees in order to collect the conkers ready for contests. Suppose it’s too ‘dangerous’ now!

As a bakers was actually open, went and bought some bread to go with tea. Also bought a couple of mouthfuls of a little doughnut, plus a shortbread thing which you get charged for by weight. Tintin really has to tell me no! Things look, and even smell nice - but so not worth getting fat/fatter for.

All the trees in the town have been chopped down, some look like they are growing together. Don’t know why - first time we’ve seen trees treated like this. Tintin thought they looked like people doing yoga!

There were people going for lunch at about 3pm. Tintin mused this is the difference - in France you don’t see people out and about in their towns/villages - but here maybe a bit more sociable? Or because it’s a holiday?

Pretty cats on the way back to Dave. Outside cats, but there were bowls of biscuits and water, so at least someone cares for them. Also had my dog fix today, the Dutch next to us (in their small VW van) have a lovely Belgian Shepherd who came to see me, loved attention - and even lent against me like Stevie does - ah!

In for a treat tonight! Have not only clean bedding - but also ironed! Using our other set, and will now probably wait until we’re home to do all the other laundry.

So, the quest will continue tomorrow for the 50 amp fuse in Burgos (another large city) - that’s if shops are open. We’re lucky that we’ve had some sunshine today, which has boosted the leisure batteries. Will feel much happier when that’s sorted, and when we’ve been shopping. So glad I had stockpiled the essential chocolate - but only one little bar left between two!

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