May 16th, 2019

16.05.19 - Made another bacon and pea risotto last night, as we needed to use up the bacon! Tintin has a Vodafone contract for our data - 50GB for £27 per month, which renews on 15th of each month. Decided to get value for money, and use up the rest of the available data, so he subscribed to ITV, and downloaded all of The Durrell’s, Victoria etc - however, now found out we only have a week to watch it all! Hence last night was three episodes of the Durrell’s!

Week 4, run 2 - done ✅. No I didn’t enjoy, found it hard work and just counting down the minutes till the end - but we did complete it! Really have to try and change my mindset!

Tintin drove today. Topped up with diesel on the way out of Nördlingen. Should have been 30 minutes to Harburg to see the castle - however, there were diversions which meant it took an extra 20 minutes on little roads. Still not sure we went they right way, signs for Umleitung (diversion) were few and far between. We parked at the castle. Neither of us were feeling that enthusiastic to look at the castle - and I’d read mixed reviews. It’s €3 to get in, you can only view by tour, which was another €4 each - and some reviews said it was only in German. Just viewed from outside, then walked down into town. It was like a ghost town! Found an Edeke supermarket, and bought more essentials, Greek yogurt, milk, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chocolate bits (for granola), bread, only one pastry (so big!) and we’re branching out into unknown rum territory!

All this was lugged up the steep steps back to the castle. Tintin drove back to where we’d first viewed the castle, and we stopped for lunch with beautiful, peaceful scenery. 

Global warming? The water was highest in the 1800’s
Global warming? The water was highest in the 1800’s

Then another 20 minute drive to Donauwörth where we’ll be for the night - yes in a proper parking space for mohos!

Every time I think we could miss out a town, the blurb says something enticing! This place has the Reichsstrasse - one of the most attractive streets in South Germany. Allegedly! Weren’t over impressed, houses are very pretty and colourful, however it’s a busy main road, which definitely detracts!

Popped into the Gothic Church. Lovely mosaics on the floor, and fresh flowers including my favourite gerbers. We opened one of the confessionals, because it looked like it was for very skinny people - but it expands behind the wall! I’m now confused writing this! I thought these boxes were only in Catholic Churches, but have read Google and been educated!

We then walked into a monastery. It must have been Catholic. It was like being back in Portugal. Sorry to offend anyone, but personally I find the decoration gaudy and over the top. Also don’t know why we have to see skeletons of people in glass boxes - weird! The one thing I really do like is when you enter a church, there is usually deadly silence. Must be the thick walls cutting out all outside noise. 

Bonus was that we saw a lovely squirrel just outside. He looked confused - not red, but not grey either!

We are parked near the confluence of the river Wörnitz and the river Danube. 

Today we’ve done about 11,000 steps, and Tintin is feeling a bit crocked! Hopefully a good night’s sleep will fix him!

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