June 9th, 2019

09.06.19 - Husband is still alive - so I obviously slept ok!

Short blog today - as haven’t seen much! I was driving today - about 4 hours in total! Drove back to Belfort to service Dave. Still not a very nice place to drive through, even on a Sunday. Then onwards past Besançon and onto Dole.

On the way, we stopped off at a boulangerie - and there were randomly painted colourful bikes! It’s interesting that the typical baguette in this region is still about half the size of what we’d buy at home, but much crustier - and possibly more dense than airy!

Our plan backfired! After all that driving there is a fair in the carpark where the Aire in Dole is usually. Found the other Aire, but quite a way out from Dole itself. Were a few other mohos when we arrived, now it’s like a commune - but peaceful and all randomly parked instead of lined up! We’ve even seen a UK moho!

Had a lovely FaceTime call with Mum, then set about research. We were going to drive down past Clermont-Ferrand to see the volcanoes of the Auvergne, and specifically go to Puy de Dôme. However, Tintin has found it may be difficult to park Dave near there, and we can no longer ride our bikes up there (has been part of Tour de France) - can take a train though. Decided it may be a longish drive for what we’ll see. Also after having been on our shake, rattle and roll tour today, not sure we want to do longer journeys on A roads too much!

We’re now thinking a tour around Burgundy may be a better bet! Will possibly drive to Beaune tomorrow - however, once again the forecast for the next few days is for quite heavy rain. Rain was forecast for where we were yesterday, but hasn’t materialized today - think we are running from the rain!

Tintin has downloaded a few episodes of Killing Eve - so looking forward to watching that. 

Some views along the way alongside the Doubs, through the windscreen so not brilliant.

Interesting trike
Interesting trike

German Moho? Old flatbed truck with a box on the back, belching diesel fumes. We had to turn the air onto recirc before we choked.

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