November 11th, 2018

11 November 

Well we did go out, in the dark! - out on a Saturday night! It wasn’t raining at first. We got to the place we’d picked out earlier - sadly it wasn’t just shut, but closed down! It started raining! We asked some youngsters stood outside a bar if they knew of a good pizza place. They couldn’t think at first, then one of them led us to Le Bistro. Went inside, but they weren’t open until 19.30 - so we wandered around for twenty minutes trying to stay out of the heavy rain! (Yes James, PEA was advertised in France using my umbrella!) At least we saw the belfry tower lit up! Had a lovely pizza and some wine - there were even other people there! It wasn’t raining when we left, however not long after getting back to the sanctuary that is Dave, the heavens opened again - good timing or what!

This morning it was still raining. After breakfast in bed, stayed in bed reading - well it was that kind of day! After lunch, the weather brightened a bit, so we went for a walk around the quarry nearby. There were divers in the lake - whatever floats your boat! Quite high up - and lovely views back over Fougeres.   Impressive looking red mushroom, suppose it was poisonous? We were going to spend another night there, but decided to leave as it wasn’t raining - and why not go for a Sunday afternoon pootle!

I drove for about 50 minutes today - nice drive, not busy - very autumnal looking, but a bit of sun too. Arrived at:

Dol de Bretagne - free

I’d Googled it, and number one on the list of things to see was the Cathedral. We’ve been here a couple of times before, really not sure how we missed it! Another different looking mushroom on route. Not sure I see these at home, or maybe I haven’t been looking!

The cathedral is quite ugly from the outside, a real mismatch of masonry. However, far more impressive inside. Music was playing - the cathedral Saint Samson has been open to everyone for 800 years. There was a well inside, apparently quite rare to find. 

Outside was ‘the Granite Vessel’ - according to legend, Saint Samson, who founded the bishopric of Dol in the 6th century crossed the channel in a granite trough, and landed on nearby coast. 

We’ve been reading books again today,  both nearly finished another one! We’re sitting here now, listening to an owl 🦉- how good is that?

We’re due to go home tomorrow - Condor and weather depending. It really doesn’t seem like we’ve been away for 10 weeks. I still have the feeling I should be getting ready to go back to work...

Apparently our route home on Guernsey is closed due to roadworks - think the diversion will be quite tight for Dave!

After tomorrow, we won’t be writing a blog for a while. I hope people have enjoyed keeping up to date with what we’ve been doing. I’ve been reading some of the early blogs from both Our Tour and Our Bumble - and have concluded that blogs get better with time. Watch this space!

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