November 4th, 2018

4 November

At 8am this morning we were woken by what sounded like a donkey - turned out to be a herd of cows in the car park! Also, our roof hatch was covered in ice! Our thermometer said it was 1° outside and only 8° inside - heating went on!

Tintin drove today. Even though it was cold, the sun was out - made everything look bright and clear, especially up in the hills. He drove for nearly three hours. Really quite confusing road layouts coming out of Spain via San Sebastián area. Naturally Co-pilot was quiet when he was needed to tell us to keep left or right. Either Tintin’s skill, or luck (!) but we went the right way. So many cars queuing for petrol before hitting France. Yesterday at Eroski in Spain we paid €1.21 per litre - today in France it’s about €1.45 - €1.60 per litre.

Once again, we only really know we’ve changed country because Co-pilot won’t work until you accept the change of country! Roads painfully busy just into France - plus road surfaces were rubbish! Must be from overuse!

On one road there were lots of road works, but Tintin followed the traffic, turns out they were going to the boulangerie. Well we needed some bread anyway!

Arrived in Labenne Ocean Aire - was €11.24 for 24 hours - plus under lots of pine trees, so dark looking. Had lunch - lovely to eat French bread again! 🥖 and decided we’d drive on further as we really don’t want to pay for an Aire when they’re free elsewhere. Think you pay for most of the Aires either side of the border, and also, on the French side, there are all the beaches around St Jean du Luz, so people surfing 🏄 and busy. Now at:

Dax - free

This is a small popular Aire with only 7 spaces, adjacent to a thermal spa which claims to be the first in France. Has a KFC opposite - classy!

Had a cuppa, then a walk around the town for an hour. I really don’t know how my husband always manages to ensure all the shops are shut when we’re out! It’s either lunch time, or Sunday like today! One way to stop me spending!

The water coming out of the spouts from the pond with the pink flamingos was really hot (like the one in Sao Pedro Do Sul in Portugal). Hope they use all that heat efficiently! Some of the trees are a lovely colour.

We are right near a bull ring too, hence the statue of the bull! We didn’t bother trying to go into the cathedral - there appeared to be a beggar sitting on the steps. If I’m honest, I was also a bit underwhelmed - yes it was big, but having just seen so many magnificent Spanish ones, with lovely coloured stone, and ornate - this one seemed dirty, plain and uncared for! Our standards have gone up!

When walking back to look over the river we saw an old moho driving past - the rear side window was open, just so their pooch could look out and get some fresh air! Ah, cute!

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