November 9th, 2018

9 November 

Watched The Apprentice on catch-up last night - it’s hard to imagine Lord Sugar wanting any of them at present! Read a free book on Kindle for about an hour, but ditched it this morning - really banal - sure I can find something better!

Rained a little first thing this morning, then cleared up to blue sky for a few hours. 

Co-pilot obviously knew I was driving! Right near the start had to reverse and turn around as the road ahead was too narrow! Tintin changed the weight settings on Co-pilot to 3.5t (we’re 4.4t!) - and we had a lovely drive along the Loire towards Saumur. Drove to E.Leclerc, looking for a Raclette grill for Mum. It was a huge place, like a shopping mall with the supermarket at the back. Could buy anything you could think of in there! It was a bit overwhelming! My husband, like some other men in there looked quite forlorn and despondent! Anyway, mission accomplished - and we went and filled up with fuel too.

Have driven about 2-1/2 hours today, but wasn’t planned! We were going to Grez Neuville, however nearly there, but roadworks with diversion and needed to cross the bridge - but couldn’t! A sign said the road would be open at 4pm, Tintin got out and went running up the road, where a French worker told him ‘non’ we couldn’t get past. Yet another reverse, drive back on the narrow road and stopped to find somewhere to go to next. It’s a shame, our book said the Aire had one of the best river views in France, and a City of Charm close by. Oh well! Lots of different music - I do like The Script!, and of course had some Tears For Fears for Tintin! Saw some camels 🐫 and other animals during a quick drive past - at least the circus people leave them out to graze! We arrived at:

Daon - free

Blue sky had disappeared, bit of drizzle whilst driving, so went out for a quick walk upon arrival. Tintin joked it was a one horse town, but actually wasn’t as we saw two! I know it’s November - but really, where at the people?! The pizzeria and the hotel are closed - and for sale! The church was dark and smelly, with a little old lady dressed all in black trying to light some gas heaters! As you can see, someone hasn’t been looking after his boat!

Anyway, back to Dave and a cuppa - and some apple tart before the rain?

Only a couple of days until we’re due to leave France - it’s hard to find places of interest, unless we’re happy to get wet - as the forecast is decidedly average! The Aires book seems to have places to stay in either really big cities/towns, or a**e-end villages with nothing!

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