May 26th, 2019

26.05.19 - Yesterday late afternoon it rained heavily for about 4 hours, bowl of roasted vegetables for tea. About 00.45 I heard a car drive around the carpark, but then left. Constant noise is fine - it’s when it’s random it’s a problem! Our smoke/carbon monoxide alarm went off about 02.30, we didn’t feel woozy, irritable at being woken up maybe! Tintin changed the battery and that seemed to shut it up. It pipes up often when I’m using the oven, especially if the gas goes out. 

Week 5, run 2 - done ✅. Today was two lots of running for 8 minutes. We managed the ups and downs in the forest, but would have been so much easier on the flat! Glimpsed a squirrel!

Sarah and Herc FaceTimed us, so had a catch up with their news and saw Stevie dog 🐕 

Bikes out, and down the 13% downhill to Lindau Island on Lake Constance (Bodensee) - took about 20 minutes. Locked up our bikes, Tintin thought it was great, there was a bike repair station for anyone to use, complete with all tools and foot pump! Picked up a map and had a wander around. Very pretty, an old and new lighthouse are at the entrance to the marina. The lion is 6 m high and weighs 50 tons! 

There were a couple of groups of people in traditional costumes, we must have missed most of the entertainment, only heard them sing, play music for a few minutes. You could tell we were in a touristy area again, Le petit train equivalent driving around, the statue man who only moved if someone threw him money, lots of hotels, cafes and people ambling around eating ice creams. Don’t know if it was extra busy today due to be bank holiday weekend. 

There were a couple of perpetual motion ‘things’ - really clever and very pretty!

You could tell there’s been bad weather, the marina was covered in debris from trees - sure some of the pieces could cause serious damage to yachts. 

It was lovely to see a couple of swans with their two different coloured cygnets, and some other species (!) also with their young - let’s hope they’re big enough now to survive!

The old town hall was worth seeing, along with the Lindavia fountain made of pale red Trent marble and designed in the shape of a four-leaf clover. 

By about 13.30 we were hungry and decided to eat lunch out. We’re not very adventurous! Wiener schnitzel was €20+, in the end we both had pizza, which was very good. We were sat outside in the sun, wishing for cloud cover, for when the sun was actually out it was a burning heat! Generally the weather has been good today, but quite hazy and couldn’t see out far on the lake. It’s 63 km long and nearly 14 km wide. 

Sparrow feeding in the table decorations
Sparrow feeding in the table decorations

Wandered back to the marina after lunch, and just people watched before psyching ourselves up for the ride uphill. In the end it didn’t seem as steep going uphill! Also watched the big paddle steamer reversing all the way out of the pierheads!

I was driving today. Went and emptied and filled Dave at a Stellplätz. Rows of people in their mohos paying €20 for the privilege of parking in a carpark - not for us!

Drove through Friedrichshafen which has the Zeppelin and Dornier museums, we did see a Zeppelin a few times whilst in Lindau. 

We’re now parked up in a free Park4night place, bit shady with a Teepee BBQ area behind us, but no one around!

On a personal note, I put my clean walking trousers on a couple of days ago. They were quite loose before this trip, sadly, the fit is now more snug. I think we’ve both out on weight, no surprise really - have been comfort eating due to wet weather. Fingers crossed for a sunny June!

Some more pictures from today

The old lighthouse
The old lighthouse
Rapunzel rope from the lighthouse
Rapunzel rope from the lighthouse
Roundabout decoration
Roundabout decoration
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