October 20th, 2019

20 October 

We actually went out for a meal last night! 

By the time we’d finished the blog, it was already 8pm, so went along to the bar/cafe/restaurant place. It was nearly full! The silence when we walked in wasn’t too bad! 

As they had small pizzas on the menu - that’s what we had - normal size are often just too filling. So, two small pizzas, 1/2 a carafe of Bergerac rose, a 10% tip - all for €20!

It was very good. Marred by the fact there were lots of flies everywhere. Why aren’t the French bothered by them and their disgusting feet having been basically anywhere disgusting? 

Another lazy start to the day today - well it’s Sunday, rain on and off - and not much planned. 

When we were servicing Dave the couple from yesterday came to chat. She’s German, and he’s French - long chats in English, mainly about politics - Brexit, and how the English are leaving France and there are now so many run down places. 

We chatted for so long, we missed being able to get a baguette from the Intermarché which closes at 12.30. Never mind - another avocado salad!

Did just one load of washing at the supermarket. The drier today seemed a bit faulty - tried to dry on high heat, it’s €2 for 15 minutes - and generally because of the 18kg capacity a load only takes 30 minutes. Today had to change the setting down to warm for another 15 minutes, and ironically it seemed hotter! Maybe everyone shoves it on high heat thinking it will dry faster, and now it just doesn’t function very well - who knows!

I drove for only 40 minutes, on tiny, bumpy roads - but not much traffic. 

We’re at Condat-sur-Vézère. Best bit, the boulangerie is just a few paces away - fresh bread and maybe cakes tomorrow!

The road down here to the parking was actually ok, but as you go round corners, you never know if it’s suddenly going to narrow!

As it wasn’t raining, went for a walk. Tintin had seen a football game just starting as we drove past, so went to watch for a little while. Didn’t seem very good to the uninitiated like myself!

This area seems more prosperous somehow, new houses instead of the old falling down ones with an ever hopeful ‘for sale’ sign on them. 

We saw a whole big field of walnut trees, and took a couple out of their protective coating. There was a man with a roller type thing collecting walnuts, and we realized that maybe the trees were all his! On the way back he gave us a cheery greeting!

Next to us it says swimming is forbidden - good luck with that - no water to be seen in the river part next us.

This part of the river has water
This part of the river has water
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