June 21st, 2019

21.06.19 - A bit of a hash to eat last night, made up some spiced couscous, added rocket, avocado, tomatoes, pine nuts a bit of cheese all with basil olive oil and balsamic vinegar, didn’t want to ‘cook’ properly as it was still hot in Dave. Despite there being probably 30+ mohos last night - was still quiet overnight. Same problems, too hot to sleep - and because of the type of Aire - too light because of all the overhead lighting. 

Tintin drove today - managed the chicane on the way out! He’d already scoped out a SuperU on Googlemaps on satellite and decided we’d be able to get in and out. That was about 1km away, successfully topped up with diesel (before the weekend out in the sticks). Today’s drive should have only been an hour, however just a few hundred metres before our turn off, the road was closed. The diversion took us about an extra 15 minutes. We’re now at a place called Chaon. Picked up a baguette on our way through the town. We’ve been the only  moho here, apart from one other servicing their van. This evening there’s been some kind of meeting in one building opposite, and on the other side about twenty odd people, plus children - singing, and now stood around eating and drinking. Didn’t think the town had enough people!

Deviation sent us down small 2 way roads. The Belgium in front was as lost as us!
Deviation sent us down small 2 way roads. The Belgium in front was as lost as us!
From the commune of 35+ vans last night to being on our own again on grass.
From the commune of 35+ vans last night to being on our own again on grass.
What’s around us
What’s around us
What’s around us
What’s around us

We’re pleased to report that some of our changes yesterday have worked. Don’t think Dave was quite so noisy today - and some roads were bumpy. Not sure we’ll ever get rid of the creaking. Tintin thinks it could be due to our heavy chassis, and well, just cheap materials on an Italian build!

Spent a happy afternoon under the awning reading. Well Tintin was up and about using his silicon spray here and there, cutting out more felt to stop rattling...

He also had another haircut!

The forecast from Sunday onwards is for temperatures of 35° - we may have to travel to avoid it! Don’t get me wrong, we love good weather - but preferably when there’s cool water to swim in, and somewhere to sleep that you can cool down!

I was thinking today about how strange our time on earth is. I’ve have less of my life left, than I’ve already lived. That’s probably why we’re doing what we’re doing!

‘Cooked’ a frozen quiche Lorraine tonight and had with more rocket and tomatoes. Safe to say, my own quiche is so much better; sorry not bragging - just know you have to put the effort in to get nice food!

Just made up my last batch of granola in Dave - as will be home in a week!

Also, changed all the bedding today - so lovely clean sheets again. 

It’s 8pm, and the air is definitely chilly in comparison with how it’s been recently. It’s the longest day, shame there are clouds - or otherwise would be a good night for looking at stars...

No photos today really - haven’t done anything of interest to other people!

Update - went for our run this morning and hadn’t noticed these metal sculptures outside of the poaching museum.

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