April 16th, 2019

16.04 - Good food at Baker’s Arms again last night. Lasagne was on their specials, so me sorted! Tintin had steak and ale pie, plus a pint of Doombar, elderflower presse for me, all for £30. We watched Line of Duty afterwards - good isn’t it!

Unusually for us, we were showered, had breakfast and on the road before 8am! We didn’t arrive at the New Dover Road Park and ride until 12.20. We spent about an hour trying to get LPG and diesel! The first Texaco place en route had a sign saying it was unavailable! Found another place nearby, but we think Co-pilot was having a laugh! Was a dead end road, with no signs at the entrance...

Found another place near Southampton - and we’re now full of LPG. Quite glad that Tintin was driving - especially in four lanes of busy traffic around the M25. Some of the road surfaces were so bad, we wondered if we had a flat tyre!

Too many vehicles!
Too many vehicles!
Our route
Our route

Sadly, Tintin’s repair to our big storage cupboard under the sink in Dave hasn’t worked. A few times the whole unit burst free of the door and came out on the runners. Not good! 

So, quick lunch - and hopped on the park and ride bus into Canterbury. The double decker bus runs every 8 minutes (!) and is included in the £3.50 daily parking charge. We’ll have to pay £7 tomorrow morning before we leave. 

Picked up a map from the tourist information, and had a quick look around the free museum. From one end of the high street to the other it’s only a ten minute walk, so not huge by any stretch of the imagination. All the usual franchise shops are there. You can tell it’s a university town, youngsters everywhere! Also lots of different nationalities. 

As always you click on the images to see them in their full glory!

The cathedral dates back to 597AD, and looks stunning, however, if I’m honest - feel disappointed. You can see the gate outside - complete with policeman - but it would cost £25 for us both to have a look inside - which seems too much for a quick look. Have satisfied my curiosity by looking at images on Google!

Wandered around for a few hours, and now back in Dave. Will cook tonight, seems like ages since I’ve had to!

An early start tomorrow - and hopefully off on the ferry to France...

Designated parking for motorhomes with a service point
Designated parking for motorhomes with a service point
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