October 17th, 2019

17 October 

Well, no pizza last night! It smelt delicious, but was a takeaway only. Luckily there was a Logis restaurant very nearby. The other three had the evening 3 course menu for €16 - Tintin had what he said was a lovely salmon tart to start, then fish with potatoes and veg (fish a bit average) then shared his tasty fruit bavois dessert with me. I was delighted to have a cheese omelette with chips and salad. €40 per couple. Went back to Andy and Maggie’s boat for coffee and more chatter. Think Tintin and Andy where reliving their Condor days! Didn’t get to bed until 1am - late for us. 

This morning, Tintin rummaged around and retrieved the seat belts for the bench seat (for those very rare times there are more than the two of us on board driving) then collected Andy and Maggie about 10.30am, so that we could drive for about 30 minutes so they could collect their car about 30km away at Castelsarrasin. They generally use their barge, then cycle back to pick up their car - rinse and repeat! It had just started to rain today too, so not much fun cycling. 

We then drove to a caravan servicing place (which listed Mobilvetta) about 30 minutes away, and arrived just as they were closing for lunch, which wasn’t a problem!

They opened at 2pm, and had the friendliest man to help us - who spoke really good English. We wanted to buy some grey Mobilvetta plastic caps, as Marquis seem unable to help with this simple request - and we can’t order from Mobilvetta direct, has to be through our agent...

Anyway, they didn’t have any complete caps, but gave us 6 of the outer parts - which may help if ours break. Had a good chat about the dubious build quality of Mobilvetta - he would recommend a Chausson or LMC - but maybe that’s what they sell!

Tintin then drove again for about an hour. Stopped off and filled up with LPG - it’s getting colder next week, and we’re down to only two blips (of eight). Also topped up with diesel at a separate place. 

We’re in Cahors (population 21,500). The official Aire only has 3 spaces, which were full, but there should have been lots of parking nearby. Sadly lots of the space was taken up by gypsies - so that was out. There was a muddy little area of carpark right by the water’s edge, so stopped there. There was also a big bonfire going somewhere, it was hot - couldn’t open windows, didn’t feel that safe etc, so I went for a quick walk and look around. Back at the Aire in the far corner was a moho from Belgium, so I just went and asked when they were leaving - and could we park in front of them (block them in). He spoke very good English and was sympathetic to our plight. They’re leaving about 9am, so hopefully we can juggle spaces, and nab their park! See, if you don’t ask - you don’t get! 

There really wasn’t much else anywhere near here that sounded suitable to spend the night. This one wants to see Rocamadour, so don’t want to deviate too much from the main road - and services seem hard to come by...

So once we’d moved, despite it being nearly rum o’clock, decided to go for a walk - the sun was out (due to possibly rain tomorrow morning), and we haven’t moved much ourselves recently!

Walked to the Pont Valentré (1308-80). It’s a foot bridge, with 3 massive 40m high towers. Apparently it defied the English during the Hundred Years’ War. 

There was young looking homeless man with his dog curling up on a bench. It’s so sad to see, and sparked a conversation between us of how it can be dealt with - very difficult.

It’s only 7.30pm and pitch black - how the days are shortening! Time for food!

Photos from our walk this evening.  It was really rush hour with the traffic backed up everywhere - 

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