October 29th, 2018

29 October

Even though it was quiet, and dark with the blinds closed - didn’t sleep very well - again! - very irritating when my brain goes round in circles trying to think of what I can’t remember...

We’d even made our duvets back up to 13.5 tog, as it’s chilly in the evenings and was about 8° outside this morning. Not as cold as it will be, but when you get mugs or bowls out for breakfast - they are definitely very cold! Plus the thought of getting into the shower means we procrastinate for longer whilst reading under the warmth of our duvets!

I drove for about 90 minutes today - on A roads, similar to yesterday - long straight roads, lots of trees and sheep, not many towns or much traffic. Well, until we arrived in this town, which is fairly large and lots of traffic and so many traffic lights! We’re at:

Cáceres - free

Described as a popular oversubscribed Aire, with an historic town 1km away uphill. Glad we arrived lunchtime ish, as loads of mohos have arrived since, and there isn’t any space left.

After lunch, went walking for a few hours...

The old town has Gothic and Renaissance architecture, cobbled medieval streets, fortified houses and palaces. It is encircled by 12th century Moorish walls.

Sadly, our pictures don’t really do justice to the old town, maybe the light was wrong for us amateurs who just take snapshots!

In general, fantastic old buildings, something to look at from every angle. Very clean looking. Again, pictures don’t show how huge the buildings were.

Today we just walked to get some exercise in the sun, and had decided not to visit/pay to see inside anywhere. Have to say - it mostly looked shut!

Decided I should bother with my pedometer today for a comparison! Just a few steps short of 10,000, whereas my phone app is more than 10% less!

Wishing Anne a very happy ‘special’ birthday today. Hope you enjoyed your lunch out. Thank you so much for house sitting and looking after our two cats - we do really appreciate it!

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