November 2nd, 2018

2 November

The picture today is of a stork in case you’re wondering! We’d seen a few nests, and I was just saying it would be nice to see a stork, and one flew overhead!

Last night we watched The Apprentice, not really sure how those pink trainers won! Slept ok.

Also, not sure how comfortable the two Dutch would be in the little van with their big dog?!

Was warmer this morning - good news!

Serviced Dave, and left early (for us) and Tintin drive for about an hour to the outskirts of Burgos. He’d already found a camper/motorhome shop with good reviews from the internet. It was closed! Just asked him to check the opening times for tomorrow, when a man who was doing admin asked if he could help! Well we now have three 50 amp fuses, Tintin has replaced the blown one, and we’re as good as new! With added knowledge! Think the fuses were less than £2 on Amazon, these were €8 each - but maybe not Chinese knock offs! I can relax, Tintin’s quest has been resolved!

Saw a whole container of live pigs being transported - don’t really like to think about their fate - but cured ham is the thing to eat over here!

Then found a Lidl open (which was packed) - and stocked up - again! We are now at:

Burgos - free

It is a municipal Aire in a residential area, 2.5km away from the historic centre. Saw another Mobilvetta, with an English person watering up - so had to say hello. He had the 80 version, a bit shorter than us, and different layout. Only 6 months old, and happy with it! If that wasn’t enough, when we arrived back at Dave, there is another Spanish Mobilvetta K-yacht parked next to us, slightly older! We’ve now seen a total of 4 newish Mobilvettas this trip - 2 today!

Dave and Dave look alike
Dave and Dave look alike

After lunch, walked into the town. We are both so very pleasantly surprised! The cathedral is even better than Salamanca! The man at the tourist office was so helpful and knowledgeable - we reckon that happens about every one in three visits!

The St Mary’s Cathedral was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984. The first stone was laid in 1221. The main facade is a copy of Notre Dame in Paris, with the 84m towers, then the addition of the spires in the 15th century.

The tourist information man suggested a walk up to the castle, at 4pm they were doing a free tour in English. Sadly, they already had 15 people, so we couldn’t join. Had a look all around the walls. The well shaft is 64 metres deep, used at times under siege for the necessary water.

There was a wonderful view of the whole city just down from the castle. Burgos was the capital of the Kingdom of Castile. We’d never even really heard of the place before looking which way to go home through Spain. Lovely place, well worth the visit! The province has a population of over 375,000!

We walked for more than 3 hours - no pedometer, but my phone was over 14,000 steps - so enough for today!

Cooking up a big batch of spaghetti bolognese, whilst drinking rum and coke and writing our blog - difficult life!

We still can’t decide whether to visit San Sebastián on the way home. Much will depend on the rainy weather due!

It’s my Mum’s birthday today - sorry I’m not there with you. Hope you had a lovely afternoon tea with Sarah! And see you soon ❤️

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