September 13th, 2018

13 September

Yet another surprise! We can access Amazon Prime! Watched a really weird film last night, think it was called Termination, with Simon Pegg and others I should know, but don’t! Had a tray of roasted mixed vegetables last night, took well over an hour to cook in our little oven, but time is almost irrelevant here!

Packed up this morning and I drove to a Lidl near St Nazaire. That was more like it. Can see why it’s so popular. Lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, reasonably priced. Bought a kilo of fresh green beans for €1.58, and so much other stuff that we shouldn’t need more than bread and milk for a while! How can they make a profit on a seeded baguette for only €0.69! Total shop €53.95.

We crossed over the Loire on the bridge. When it opened in 1975, it held a world record for the longest cable-stayed metallic bridge at two miles long. Very impressive! 

Is this sleep driving?
Is this sleep driving?

Drove to:

Bouin - N46°56.346’ W002°04.411’ - free

Bouin was a former island, connected to the mainland in 1834 in the Breton marshes, now has thriving oyster beds. It looks out to Ile de Noirmoutier.

Just over an hours drive. Weather very overcast, and a bit of drizzle. We couldn’t find the service area, but Tintin spotted a water tap, so filled Dave up again. The service area is just before the parking spaces, but doesn’t have the usual signage. We decided on this place as the book says it’s a large Aire in an interesting working harbour...

After a late lunch decided to go for a walk. Over 10,000 steps later we came back!

We are parked right opposite the harbour, it looked really sad as it was low tide. At the entrance to the channel there was a gathering of people. We wondered if it was a bit like Mont St Michel, and maybe they were waiting for the tide to come galloping in! Carried on walking, and spoke with a French couple with their boxer dog. We spoke Franglais for a long time! He had been a policeman in Paris and Nantes, but now retired. I think maybe he’d had a little to much to drink at lunch time, or his disposition was just very gregarious!

It looked like rain, but it never came! As the tide flooded up the channel, the fishing boats went whizzing in, then used the tide to turn around to help moor.

Amongst quite a large group of people we watched them haul their catch up on tractors and off for processing. As Tintin said, no day is ever the same here!

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