September 30th, 2018

30 September

Well the police did turn up, and moved a moho on which wasn’t in an official space. Also, the family were quiet by sleep time! However, for once Tintin had a restless night too! It was almost daylight in our bedroom because of the overhead street lighting, and if we close the blind it gets too hot!

Tintin walked into the town and bought our first loaf of bread in Spain! As people were starting to empty their toilet cassettes from fairly early on, we just up and left - banana for breakfast, and will have to shower later!

I wasn’t allowed to drive, still hobbling, probably just as bad, because the right side hurts too as I was walking unevenly yesterday! Really, really irritated and frustrated! We all take our bodies for granted, and they do a brilliant job most of the time, often despite what we do to them. Need to be grateful for all that works so well, without having to think about it!

Tintin had another drive similar to yesterday, narrow, bendy roads, up into the hills/trees, then down again. Yesterday a lot of the trees were eucalyptus, but today more pine trees. After about an hour, arrived at:

Bermeo - N43°25.375’ W002°43.522’ - free

Only 7 designated bays, good job we were here early - described as parking in large car park adjacent to cemetery and football grounds, town and harbour with working fishing fleet 600m downhill.

After an early lunch, walked into the town. So many people out and about again. People drinking outside bars, and then eating out later. Very similar to Lekeitio yesterday, except we took our bathers for nothing! Beach wasn’t in walking distance. Had a wander around, and sat and read our books for a while before coming back to Dave. Washed our bathers and towels properly, because they weren’t drying very well due to saltwater! Hung them outside and dried - just as well, as the forecast does give rain for tomorrow, we’ll see!

Relaxed afternoon, reading - another pedicure for me! We only have one ‘blip’ left on the gas reading, but don’t know how long that will last. Also don’t know what uses the most gas, having the fridge on all the time when not driving, cooking, or heating the water - any ideas?!

Tomorrow our priority will be to get GPL near Bilbao. Possibly could have gone there today, but don’t know whether Spain closes for Sunday like France does!

Want to visit either Bilbao or Santander, but Aires problematic for both!

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