April 15th, 2019

15.04 - We were treated to home made waffles for our last breakfast with J and Bel this morning. Really tasty - however, without the proper waffle gadget - not something we will be trying to recreate on Dave!

Homemade waffles
Homemade waffles

We’ve had a lovely time with family for nearly the last week - but time to move on and not outstay our welcome! Look forward to seeing Jack via FaceTime to keep up with how much he is changing!

Martin found getting out of the lane easier than anticipated, the car which is sometimes parked on the corner wasn’t there. It’s a fairly tight left hand turn onto the road, but steep - and with a cold Dave, needed to just drive and not stop!

He drove to Sainsburys where we filled up with diesel, then went food shopping.  Back to reality! I then drove to the Baker’s Arm in Poole, which took just over four hours. Not a very stimulating drive - but at least it wasn’t raining. It’s really disconcerting the amount of road kill we saw - so sad 😞 

Also is now about 5° warmer than this morning, all good as we only have 1 of 8 lights lit on our gas gauge. We’ve never really tested out how reliable the gauge is! We’ll be able to top up tomorrow...

Sorry, not much to write about. If I was at home, certainly wouldn’t bother! Hopefully in the coming days there will be more of interest!

Note from Martin - the Bakers Arms is a pub with a big car park and good food. It is close to Poole port if you’ve come off or going to the ferry with your motorhome. We have stayed here on 3 different occasions and I can recommend spending the night here.  No facilities apart from the toilets in the pub.  Just having a drink before going to eat!

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