September 24th, 2018

24 September

Up at the crack of dawn - not! By the time we’ve had a cup of tea and breakfast in bed, showered and tidied up - not only have yesterday’s mohos left, but today’s have started arriving!

I drove to an Intermarche Super, as we thought we’d do some laundry. Washed and dried all our bedding for €8. We have washed it ourselves before, but psychologically it feels cleaner having been through a machine! Did a bit of shopping whilst waiting, not a very impressive supermarket considering the size, not even any fresh milk, only UHT!

Had lunch in the car park, then drive to:

Arzacq Arraziguet - N43°32.094’ W000°24.624’ - free

Not only does France close on Sunday, but it appears to also close on Mondays! Walked through the Bastide town (12th/13th century fortified town built during 100 years war between France and England), virtually all closed! Walked down to the lake.

Have seen various people walking on the Camino, and we followed a couple to a house on the square, which had the scallop shell outside, so must put up walkers en route. They are on the GR65 route, Tintin googled and there are three main routes through France to Spain, this being one.

Yes children, I’m wearing my superglued Ray-bans! I bought them nearly 30 years ago for our skiing honeymoon - and have worn them for so many years they have been in, out and in fashion again! They broke last year, but really can’t get on with other glasses, so will carry on with these for a few more years hopefully!

We’re the only moho in a large car park, probably because the town is closed! Just made another batch of granola - didn’t even burn it this time! Oven is quite temperamental, the gas either goes out, or it cooks unevenly - far more closer to the flames at the back.

The sun is out, but the air temperature has definitely dropped a little - good for me, but Tintin prefers it hotter!

A Mobilvetta K-yacht 85 has just arrived. Must be a newer one - they don’t have the same problems with the front logo - maybe too many complaints - and has been changed! Update, we found out from the French owners that it’s a 1st generation K-Yacht and built in 2015.  Had a conversation in French for about 5 minutes! Simple French but we understood most of what was said.  They reckon the North coast of Spain and into Portugal is fabulous so let’s hope it is.

An older version of ours, 2015
An older version of ours, 2015

Also, happy birthday to Ali, currently busy at their new house in Spain 🇪🇸 - enjoy 😊 

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