October 12th, 2019

12 October 

Last night was fried onions and gnocchi! I enjoyed it - but Tintin less so. We both felt quite full and bloated when we went to bed - not used to eating a big meal after 8pm!

Despite a really fab day yesterday - I couldn’t sleep at first - went through a few cds, sometimes listening to lyrics stops my brain from overthinking - probably about 3am before I finally drifted off. Never mind - should sleep well tonight!

Tintin wanted to drive again today, as yesterday wasn’t that far. We drove back down to the SuperU at Port-la-Nouvelle - about the only service station around here for miles and miles. Luckily it was a) there, and b) working! Had to wait whilst another moho finished up. It’s €2 for 10 minutes of water - so would take a while if there were queues! It feels good when Dave is empty of stuff we don’t want and full of clean water again - it’s like a reset button for another three days traveling. 

I went shopping too, whilst Tintin stayed in Dave in case he needed to move - there was literally no where else to park other than the service area. It was a dire need - we’d nearly run out of rum! 

Tintin then drove for about 90 minutes to a place near Argeles-sur-Mer - about the only one that sounded suitable in this area just past Perpignan. Couldn’t face the thought and hassle of trying to park in such a big area, just to have a wander around - maybe another time!

Weather looked very iffy but didn’t come to anything
Weather looked very iffy but didn’t come to anything
We were on a dual carriageway next to the Peage
We were on a dual carriageway next to the Peage
Good view of the coast
Good view of the coast

It’s quite strange weather, forecast as cloudy mainly - but warmer - and has been gusty/windy.  However, late afternoon and it’s been 30° inside Dave - with the fan on! We’re in a big carpark, and after a late lunch, sat and read for a while, before going for a short walk to the private gardens which are open just above. 

When we got back, noticed that every surface in Dave has a coating of yellowish dust! Closed all the hatches and windows, and wiped everything down. There is nowhere else convenient to move to, so sat inside, in the heat!  Thinking about last night - it may have just been too warm, we had light drizzle a couple of times, so ended up closing the hatches...

So, the landscape has changed, those big mountain things - Pyrenees - back in view - and we could possibly be in Spain either tomorrow or Monday, depending on what we decide to do tomorrow?! Could even pop into Andorra for some cheap fuel! Although my husband has just informed me it’s up in the hills - so not very likely!

We have both had a few random insect bites - really irritating - but suppose it’s almost inevitable as we don’t wear repellent everyday - as that’s not very pleasant stuff either!

As we’ve had a bit of a nothing day, at least I had time to cook a kidney bean curry with rice - was ok! Poor Tintin now has to deal with the mayhem in the kitchen - has to even boil the kettle for hot water before doing anything else!

So it’s 7.30pm - and still 28° in Dave - and that’s with the reliable thermometer - Dave’s still says it’s 31°. Might be a hot night!

Photos of the private gardens that they open to the public -

What are these? Any ideas? Soft and look a bit like a strawberry.
What are these? Any ideas? Soft and look a bit like a strawberry.
Grow on this tree
Grow on this tree
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