May 28th, 2019

28.05.19 - Last night we watched probably one of the worst films ever! Kept watching, thinking it may get better - didn’t - was called The Cleaner - it’s an old film, allegedly a comedy - avoid!

Starting raining about 04.30, but by 07.30 we were up and at it for our run. Week 5, run 3 - done ✅. Nobody more surprised than me - but we both ran continuously for 20 minutes. Luckily was virtually flat on a cycle track, wasn’t raining yet, but cool (which I like!). 

I drove for about 30 minutes in the rain to Erika’s washroom in Bad Dürrheim. It is so hard to find laundromats in Germany - we go out of our way just to get to them. The first problem was parking, fairly narrow roads - ended up parking on the street behind other cars - and Tintin spent most of the time in Dave in case he needed to move. 

A wash was €4, and a drier €3. We’ve stored up laundry, but got away with three loads. The first two machines I set off fine, the third ate up my money, no refund so had to pay again. Same with drier. First load dried, put more in - but wouldn’t work. For another load, I opened the door to check whether clothes were dry - then it wouldn’t work again! Also, machines only take €1 pieces, so Tintin did a trip to the pharmacy, bank, and I went to the bakers to get enough change. I’d just like to point out that I didn’t buy any cakes or pastries today - just saying - as it’s the first time! In the end it cost us €31, instead of €21 had the machines not gobbled up money! There was no one there to ask for advice, and nothing written in English. I appreciate we’re in Germany and should understand enough German - but was quite irritated by the whole experience in the end. Miele machines, and at least everything looks clean - and smells nice, even if quite crumpled as I was afraid to open the drier again incase it then gave up!

We met an America couple who arrived on their bikes to do some laundry. Their bikes fold up into a suitcase so they can fly and travel around. They are on their way to Vienna - about 800 km away and have 20 days to get there! Was lovely to speak English again!

On the way into the Black Forest
On the way into the Black Forest

I then drove for another hour, some of it in the rain again - however think we were expecting more rain than we’ve had (so far!). Near Altglashütten, in the Black Forest. Yet again, big carpark - and not a sole around!

Lonely Dave
Lonely Dave
The view around Dave
The view around Dave

Lacking in photos today, as back in the real world of laundry 🧺which took about four hours in total! 

It was also quite hard to find somewhere to drive to fitting our criteria - actually a fair few free places, but maybe just in hotel car parks - and we don’t think it’s right to park there if we not eating there. So we try to find places which are free, but which have services en route...

I am so pleased to be back on 4G. Data seems pretty important to us for research, communication and well, just about everything! 

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